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Grant Nordman

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WINDOG has awarded the rare 'super dog-friendly' status to Grant Nordman. He supports a dedicated tax-based budget for dog parks and their designation as 'single-use'. See his comments below. As the Councillor for St Charles Ward, Nordman championed the repurposing of 4.2 acres of green space into a neighbourhood off-leash dog park.

Platform: Nordman’s priorities are public safety and crime prevention, infrastructure renewal, local parks and recreation improvement, community involvement, being business-friendly and keeping taxes down and battery recycling.

Nordman represented St. Charles ward on City Council from 2006 to 2014. He served as acting deputy mayor and sat on the Executive Policy Committee as well as several standing policy committees.

In addition to council committee work, Nordman was council’s representative to the Mayor’s Age Friendly and Seniors Advisory Committee, Assiniboine Park Governance, HMCS Winnipeg, the Canadian Capital Cities Organization and chair of the Partnership of the Manitoba Capital Region.

Outside of politics, Nordman has been involved in a number of careers. He served as president and CEO of the Assiniboia Chamber of Commerce from 1996 to 2006, both assisting and leading efforts to construct the Charleswood Bridge. He created Regional Business Development Zones and worked on the economic development of the James Armstrong Richardson International Airport through the Winnipeg Airports Authority.

He is the former owner of Travel Options, a full-service travel agency and importing company and served on several national and provincial travel industry and business associations.

Nordman is an active community volunteer. He a director of the Red River Exhibition Association, a member of the Assiniboia Chamber of Commerce, the ANAVETS Unit 283, the Icelandic Canadian Frón and the St. Andrew’s Society of Winnipeg. In 1992, he was awarded the 125th Anniversary of the Confederation of Canada Medal by the federal government in recognition of his outstanding community service.

Q1: If elected, will you put forward and/or support a motion in Council to create a dedicated tax-supported capital fund for the creation of new dog parks and the upgrading of existing ones to comply with standards in the City of Winnipeg’s new Off-Leash Area Master Plan? Why or why not?

Grant is a passionate believer in the need for quality dog park infrastructure in the City of Winnipeg. Winnipeg, at this time, has only 9 designated dog parks which, as WINDOG points out, are of substandard quality. In comparison, Calgary has 150 designated dog parks which are, besides being more numerous (one park per 60 thousand residents compared to Winnipeg's one park per 89 thousand residents) are of superior quality and placement. More is required from the city to provide quality facilities for our four-legged friends. As such Grant would support and advocate for WINDOG's proposal to see the Winnipeg capital budget set aside $500 000 per year over the next six years to both improve existing off leash dog spaces and to help create new off leash dog spaces in appropriate locations.

Q2: If elected, will you put forward and/or support a motion to designate off-leash areas as “single-use” parks where only those activities associated with off-leash dogs are permitted? Why or why not?

In talking with residents in the neighbourhood, Grant has learned a great deal regarding dog – human interaction. There are a great deal of individuals who oppose dogs utilizing existing green spaces due to various issues including real or imagined fear of the dogs themselves or the "gifts" they leave behind. The persons opposed to dogs utilizing existing public parks and green space expect their wish to be able to enjoy these facilities to be respected. However, as WINDOG points out, the needs and wishes of dog owners to have dedicated off-leash parks where our four-legged friends are able to interact with each other without fear of outside disruptions should also be respected. As such Grant is all for supporting and advocating for WINDOG's proposal to build new off-leash dog parks dedicated solely to dogs, in appropriate locations.