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Kaur Sidhu

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WINDOG considers Kaur Sidhu to be 'dog-unfriendly'. He did not wish to share his views on off-leash dog parks with voters.

Platform: Not published.

Sidhu has a pharmacy degree from the University of Manitoba. He is the owner/pharmacist of River East Pharmacy. In 2012 he was fined in by the Manitoba Pharmaceutical Association for professional misconduct.

Sidhu is well-known in both NDP and Conservative circles. He has a history of unsuccessful political campaigns for both parties. He tried unsuccessfully to represent the NDP in The Maples in the 2006 provincial election. In 2009 he served as a senior adviser in NDP cabinet minister Steve Ashton's failed leadership bid.

The former NDP supporter ran as a Tory in Rossmere in the 2011 provincial election and was chosen as the party’s nominee in The Maples in 2016.

Q1: If elected, will you put forward and/or support a motion in Council to create a dedicated tax-supported capital fund for the creation of new dog parks and the upgrading of existing ones to comply with standards in the City of Winnipeg’s new Off-Leash Area Master Plan? Why or why not?
Q2: If elected, will you put forward and/or support a motion to designate off-leash areas as “single-use” parks where only those activities associated with off-leash dogs are permitted? Why or why not?