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Charleswood - Tuxedo Ward

Ken St. George

Candidate Charleswood - Tuxedo

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A dog-friendly candidate and a dog owner himself, St. George supports dedicated tax-based funding for dog parks and their designation as 'single-use'. See his comments below.

Platform: St. George’s priorities are addressing the city’s aging infrastructure, poverty and homelessness, and supporting green initiatives and front-line services. He also wants to ensure that Winnipeg receives fair and equitable provincial funding.

St. George has several proposals to address significant infrastructure issues. He points out that the Arlington, Redwood and Louise bridges are nearing the end of their useful lives and that sections of the city’s water and sewer systems are almost 100 years old.

St. George supports a green transit system and intends to be a voice for an electric transit fleet. He says it makes economic sense; the introduction of carbon tax means diesel-fueled buses will cost Winnipeg Transit $1.2 to 1.4 million more annually.

But he cautions that personal and commercial vehicles have a greater impact on carbon footprint than buses - approximately 50% vs 2%. He wants people to embrace public transit and believes ridership will increase if the City makes transit affordable and convenient.

St. George does not believe Winnipeg’s current roadway infrastructure can continue to support rapidly increasing commuter traffic from neighbouring communities. The population in some increased by 30% between 2011 and 2016, according to Statistics Canada. At this rate, over the next decade, St. George says commuter traffic entering the city limits will rise from 80,000 to 128,000 vehicles on any given day.

To generate revenue to maintain/improve roads, St. George proposes a toll system for commuters that travel to Winnipeg to work. Toll booths would be installed at the perimeter on roads that feed into the city. Commercial vehicles that have a bigger impact on roads would pay a higher toll; Winnipeg residents would be exempt.

St. George also proposes a park and ride system that would take commuters from the perimeter directly downtown. Those who park and ride would not pay toll fees. He believes the system would significantly reduce carbon emissions and traffic congestion.

St. George proposes that the City develop agreements with Manitoba Hydro to incentivize homeowners to switch to greener solar and geothermal energy. He proposes a property tax freeze or reduction, and a reduction in impact fees for new home builds.

St. George is the founder of Albert House Foundation, a non-profit collaborative organization that houses and stabilizes Winnipeg's homeless population. He worked on the front lines with marginalized and vulnerable people as a community nurse in the core areas of Winnipeg. He wants to see more collaboration between the City and community service providers to alleviate poverty and homelessness.

Q1: If elected, will you put forward and/or support a motion in Council to create a dedicated tax-supported capital fund for the creation of new dog parks and the upgrading of existing ones to comply with standards in the City of Winnipeg’s new Off-Leash Area Master Plan? Why or why not?

As a dog owner/love, I would absolutely support a mandated motion to ensure dedicated tax dollars towards maintenance of current OLPs as well as creation of new ones. I see the dog population growing, simultaneously with Winnipeg's urban sprawl. I am surprised this committment of funding has not been finalized to be frank. Let's change this, and keep our OLP's maintained and modern, and keep the funding exempt from inter governmental borrowing (a practice I do not support).

Q2: If elected, will you put forward and/or support a motion to designate off-leash areas as “single-use” parks where only those activities associated with off-leash dogs are permitted? Why or why not?

Yes, I would ensure that OLP's are for our beloved dogs and their owners. If otherwise, liability issues may arise. Dog owners know their pets, and enter OLP's with common sense and control of their beloved family member. I also support the use of abandoned wading pools to be utilized for our furry friends.