2018 Vivian Santos

Point Douglas Ward

Vivian Santos

Point Douglas

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WINDOG considers Vivian Santos to be 'dog-unfriendly'. She did not wish to share her views on off-leash dog parks with voters.

Platform: Santos’s priorities are public safety, community development, and creating opportunities for children and youth.

Santos says she will advocate for safer neighbourhoods for families. She wants to redevelop community centres and green spaces, establish more after school programs for youth, and would work toward investing more in infrastructure - specifically transit services, local streets and back lanes. She plans to finish the community work that has already started and says locating funding to build a “Better Arlington Bridge” is a priority.

She worked as a legal administrator for two large corporate commercial law firms for 14 years before moving to work for Mayor Bowman and Point Douglas City Councillor Mike Pagtakhan as his executive assistant. She says her work experience at City Hall makes her qualified and knowledgeable about what the job of councillor entails and how to best serve the residents of Point Douglas. Santos has a legal administrative assistant diploma.

Santos is volunteer for the Winnipeg Chapter of Knights of Rizal, managing the Youth Recognition Awards.

Q1: If elected, will you put forward and/or support a motion in Council to create a dedicated tax-supported capital fund for the creation of new dog parks and the upgrading of existing ones to comply with standards in the City of Winnipeg’s new Off-Leash Area Master Plan? Why or why not?
Q2: If elected, will you put forward and/or support a motion to designate off-leash areas as “single-use” parks where only those activities associated with off-leash dogs are permitted? Why or why not?