Fort Rouge – East Fort Garry

Fort Rouge - East Fort Garry Ward

Candidates are ranked by level of dog friendliness determined by the responses to the questions in the survey. WINDOG considers that candidates who did not respond to the survey regard off leash dog parks as a very low priority. Unresponsive candidates are considered to be dog unfriendly.

Shane Nestruck


Dog Neutral

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Jenny Gerbasi


Dog Unfriendly

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Norman Miller


Dog Unfriendly

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  • Bev Pike

    September 23, 2014, pm30 2:47 PM

    In Lord Roberts, the land east of the rail lines was an unofficial dog park for over a century. People drove in from other areas to let their dogs use its nice long runs.

    This land was swapped in 2009 for the Parker wetlands, and that swap is now under RCMP investigation.

    In 2010, the Parks dept. confirmed this land was part of its park total for Lord Roberts. However, the City decided this area should have 1200 condos instead.

    Councillor Gerbasi is a strong supporter of this condo development. So is Mike Holmes.

    Lord Roberts now leads the city in having the least amount of public greenspace (less than 1%, although the City won’t say).

    No plans to restore any parks of any kind.

    One idea: the City could take ownership of derelict buildings one by one and gradually create dog parks in these older and over-populated areas with lots of dogs.

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