Fred Morris

St. James - Brooklands Ward

Fred Morris

Candidate St. James - Brooklands

Dog Neutral

Q1: Please describe what you have done in the past to serve the interest of Winnipeg dogs and dog owners - either in your own ward or in the city.
I have been a responsible dog owner. I have a sculpture of my dog Cindy from my Mandeville Street youth in my office. I supported Fluffy's Law.
Q2: Does your ward have an off-leash dog park? If not, do you know why not?
Q3: If you are elected, will you increase the number of dog parks in your ward. If so how will you do that? If you have specific locations in mind, please identify them.
I would consider more Dog Parks as part of a Fiscally Responsible City Wide Plan. In the summer of 2015, we should have a pilot project using 2 or 3 outdoor Hockey Rinks ( not used in the summer) as off lease dog areas. If this idea works, it can be expanded.
Q4: Winnipeg lags behind many major Canadian cities in terms of the number and size of its off-leash areas, and level of service and amenities it offers dog park users. Why do you think this has happened? If elected, what would you do to change this?
The City has not had a proper plan for Off Lease Dog Parks. It is always much easier if we can debate changes to an existing Plan.
Q5: Do you support WINDOG’s model for Winnipeg off-leash dog parks? Please provide reasons. If so, what will you do to implement it? If not, why not?
The City must have its own plan. Your group's input is a vital part of a complete community consultation.
Q6: What specifically should the City do to create off-leash recreational space in older, well-established neighbourhoods?
It may not be possible. If most taxpaying area residents want to preserve an existing park, we must respect their wishes. The concerns of schools , day cares, and area businesses must be taken into account. Parking issues must be considered.
Q7: If you are elected, what specifically will you do to improve Winnipeg's existing off-leash areas? Please consider the park infrastructure, facilities, and type and level of service the city offers and give examples.
We need a fence around Bourkevale, an Area Councillor for Little Mountain Park, and the rectification of any other outstanding maintenance issues.
Q8: Winnipeg dog owners have been losing what little off-leash space they have, as it’s repurposed for other recreational users and for municipal profit through the sale and rental of off-leash space. If elected, what would you do to change this?
The City must plan properly. It is difficult to believe that The City created Brenda Leipsic Park in December 2008 and may soon be expropriated it for a Rapid Transit Line that should be going down the center of Pembina Highway. I do not see the area around the William Clement Parkway area changing for at least 20 years. We have too many other infrastructure project that will have to be completed before we extend this Parkway.
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