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Apr 2017

Councillor Lukes and King’s Park Dog Owners Explore Options for Off-leash Area Improvements

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The City of Winnipeg’s dog park master plan and new amenities for King’s Park’s off-leash area were all part of the conversation when St. Norbert Councillor, Janice Lukes met with King’s Park off-leash area dog owners last night. The Councillor called the meeting to discuss improvements to the dog park. On dog lovers’ wish list – fencing, trees, park benches, a community bulletin board, a drinking fountain and waste bag dispensers.


As a City Councillor, Lukes is well-known and respected for her commitment to public consultation. Last night’s meeting was yet another example of grassroots “community conversations” she’s held over the past two and a half years to keep in touch with her constituents’ concerns, issues, and wishes.

While Councillor Lukes jokes about being a “cat person”, there is no question that she is one of Winnipeg’s most dog-friendly City Councillors. In the absence of a local dog club with an effective membership communication system, she worked with WINDOG to connect with King’s Park dog owners and bring them together.



Before being elected to City Council, Janice was a well-known community activist and fundraiser, recognized for her advocacy for Winnipeg’s extensive network of active transportation walking and cycling trails. She regards parks and green spaces that support active lifestyles as natural extension of those priorities.

Today the Councillor tweeted, “Great insight from dog lovers on King’s Park Master Plan, Maple Grove & more! Love when I’m the one learning so much from community members!”


WINDOG recommended that King’s Park dog owners establish an off-leash area dog club to support park stewardship activities like clean-up events and actively raise funds for dog park improvements.  Should a group of dog park users express interest in creating a stewardship organization, WINDOG has offered its assistance.

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