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Dec 2017

Update – Off-leash Dog Park Master Plan Public Consultation at Kilcona Dog Park

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Thanks to all Winnipeg dog park users who found time this chilly December morning to share their vision for off-leash dog parks with the City of Winnipeg. If you didn’t have a chance to attend the public consultation , please complete the online survey at


In responding to the survey, please let the City know that in the interest of safety for yourselves, your pets, and others – you support WINDOG’s position that off-leash dog parks should be “single-use”.


“Single-use” means that designated off-leash dog parks are for the recreational use of dogs and their families only. Running, cycling, and other incompatible activities are not allowed. Again, in the interest of safety, WINDOG asks that you support the coalition’s position that unsupervised children would not be allowed in off-leash areas.

 Long-time Kilcona Park Dog Park users Ann Gay and Angie Zalondek express concern to Winnipeg Off-leash Area Master Plan’s Project Manager, Rob Zanewich over off-leash area trail conditions and conflicting land uses – such as tobogganing –  in the dog park .

WINDOG Directors Colin Lang and Donna Henry listen to a dog park user’s concerns re neglect of the city’s off-leash areas

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