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Aug 2014

WINDOG’S Model for Winnipeg Off-Leash Dog Parks

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WINDOG’S Model for Winnipeg Off-Leash Dog Parks


Jazzy at Maple Grove Dog Park
Photo credit: Maria Reitz

Great cities have great parks for all their citizens. Winnipeggers enjoy approximately 10,000 acres of green space. WINDOG wants more of it dedicated to off-leash dog parks. WINDOG proposes a three-tiered system of neighbourhood, community and regional off-leash dog parks – each tier increasing in size, levels of service and amenities.
WINDOG’s Model:

• Many small neighbourhood dog parks within easy walking distance of resident’s homes.
• Mid-sized community dog parks – one in each of the City’s wards
• A large regional off-leash area in each quadrant of the city.

WINDOG also proposes that dog parks be reserved for the exclusive use of dogs and dog owners, in the same way that Winnipeg’s skateboard parks, toboggan hills, soccer fields, and golf courses are reserved for those activities.

For safety, WINDOG proposes that the Winnipeg follow the lead of many North American cities in passing legislation that would restrict unsupervised children from entering an off-leash area.

Finally, the provision of off-leash recreational opportunities in established areas of Winnipeg must be a key consideration in the park planning process and in planning new residential developments.

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1 comment
  • Allan Donald

    February 14, 2016, am29 3:47 AM

    Though I think this is asking for a bit much, it is definitely a step in the right direction. Calgary has over 100 dog parks. We will soon have 9

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