Mayoral Candidates

Candidates are ranked by level of dog friendliness determined by the responses to the questions in the survey. WINDOG considers that candidates who did not respond to the survey regard off leash dog parks as a very low priority. Unresponsive candidates are considered to be dog unfriendly.

Brian Bowman


Super Dog Friendly

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David Sanders


Dog Friendly

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Judy Wasylycia-Leis


Dog Unfriendly

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  • Angel

    September 23, 2014, pm30 6:28 PM

    I think it was a little harsh to say that Judy is dog unfriendly. I agree that dog parks aren’t currently on her list of priorities, but that could change if she understood how important it is to us many dog owners.

    I think a fenced area near the Fork’s would be great! . Hopefully it would be more that just an empty lot. A few benches and/or picnic tables, trees and bushes, flower gardens and pathways would be great.

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