Paul Najda

St. Boniface Ward

  • Paul Najda

    October 19, 2014, pm31 2:20 PM

    I am not pleased with being labelled dog unfriendly. I have great respect for all animals, be they dog, cat or animals in the wild. There are a lot of dogs in my neighbourhood and my wife and I have become friends with many of them. We are not dog owners (we have two indoor cats) but I do see the need for more dog parks. I did respond to your questionaire but in a general statement rather than each individual question but you chose not to post it.

    • Donna Henry

      October 29, 2014, pm31 6:55 PM

      Hello Paul,
      There are two reasons WINDOG did not publish your email. First of all – as a cat owner – you described, for the most part, your position on cats, feral cats, cat licensing and no-kill shelters. WINDOG is about dogs. As an off-leash dog park lobby group, our organization asked candidates to indicate their support for WINDOG’S off-leash area plan for Winnipeg and what they would do to create more high-quality dog parks if elected.
      The second reason is that the survey format was designed to allow voters to compare candidates’ responses – it was not intended to be a campaign forum so our policy was not to publish “general statement” that circumvented core issues or were merely statements of self-promotion. WINDOG informed all candidates that, if they chose not to respond to the survey we would conclude that dog parks were a low priority. You responded to this saying, “I do regard your statement “WINDOG will consider that candidates who do not respond to the survey regarding off-leash dog parks as a very low priority” as a form of coersion.
      WINDOG made every effort to accommodate you. When you advised me that you were a late entry into the campaign and had not had time to complete the survey I offered you the following option: “WINDOG has extended the deadline until Saturday, September 20 at 6pm so that those candidates who did not have the opportunity to respond to the survey by the deadline don’t receive the same “dog-unfriendly” designation as those who simply chose not to respond because dog parks are not a priority for them.” You declined this offer.

      Donna Henry
      Vice President – WINDOG

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