Shane Nestruck

Fort Rouge - East Fort Garry Ward

Shane Nestruck

Candidate Fort Rouge - East Fort Garry

Dog Neutral

Q1: Please describe what you have done in the past to serve the interest of Winnipeg dogs and dog owners - either in your own ward or in the city.
Board member Maple Grove D.P.
Q2: Does your ward have an off-leash dog park? If not, do you know why not?
NO! - Political incompetence and disregard for the citizenry
Q3: If you are elected, will you increase the number of dog parks in your ward. If so how will you do that? If you have specific locations in mind, please identify them.
there are STILL some possibilities for off leash parks in this area BUT it is not as simple as designating them. there has to be a SERIOUS education of both the general public AND the many dog owners who have NOT taken the time to train their dogs! Freedom comes worth responsibility... on both sides of the issue!
Q4: Winnipeg lags behind many major Canadian cities in terms of the number and size of its off-leash areas, and level of service and amenities it offers dog park users. Why do you think this has happened? If elected, what would you do to change this?
I have travelled (WITH my dog) to Calgary, edmonton, Ottawa, and come originally from Montreal. I've also travelled far and wide with my dog. BUT my dog is TRAINED to behave well with both other dogs and people, AND especially people who might be afraid of dogs! I believe the large RESPONSIB:LE dog owner community MUST take leadership in setting the standards for off leash dogs. THIS is not something that can be "written down" without serious involvement by the dog owner community.
Q5: Do you support WINDOG’s model for Winnipeg off-leash dog parks? Please provide reasons. If so, what will you do to implement it? If not, why not?
When walking my dog in Edmonton (I'm did a lot there) I noticed a complete difference in the park and outside of the park with both the attitude of owners and the public. I don't think this is a simple thing, but will take serious education and commitent from both the dog owning public AND YOUR CITY COUNCILLOR!
Q6: What specifically should the City do to create off-leash recreational space in older, well-established neighbourhoods?
I have a few ideas but the first is: In certain areas dogs should be allowed to awl off leash but NOT roam all over the place. E.G. in churchill Park there are a lot of responsible dog owners who play with their dogs, train them, and work them 'off leash but those dogs are NOT wildly running around...rather working with their owners. This CAN and should be addressed in the municipal laws that deal with CONTROL. i.e. I'd rather meet a well controlled dog off leash than an OUT OF CONTROL dog on leash... because both my dog and I are threatened by out of control dogs...especially those with owners who seem to think the dog makes the decisions about what is happening!
Q7: If you are elected, what specifically will you do to improve Winnipeg's existing off-leash areas? Please consider the park infrastructure, facilities, and type and level of service the city offers and give examples.
#1 If I'm not a good example I cannot expect you to believe anything I 'promise. I have with a couple of other gentlemen been cutting down the burdock ( rhubarb like leaves and BIG BROWN BURRS). We have successfully eliminated the vast majority of burdock in the park BUT it seems the knowledge of how to do this easy and effectively has eluded the City maintenance crews in other areas... they are NOT the ones doing this work in Maple Grove (except tin the puppy training area) We need SERIOUS educated direction from parks supervisors if anything more is to be accomplished. It would help to have a City Councillor whose dog was more than an election photo prop!
Q8: Winnipeg dog owners have been losing what little off-leash space they have, as it’s repurposed for other recreational users and for municipal profit through the sale and rental of off-leash space. If elected, what would you do to change this?
Perhaps this is what elections are for...getting rid of councillors who make 'politics' a career instead of citizens who sit on council so they can give back to their community! DOG OWNERSHIP IS A LIFESTYLE CHOICE THAT IS HEALTHY, ACTIVE AND SOCILLY RESPONSIBLE. DOG OWNERS USE THE PARKS 365 DAYS A YEAR RAIN SNOW, BLIZZARDS AND HOT SUN. WHAT OTHER CITIZENS USE THE PARKS AS WELL?
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