St. Charles

St. Charles Ward

Candidates are ranked by level of dog friendliness determined by the responses to the questions in the survey. WINDOG considers that candidates who did not respond to the survey regard off leash dog parks as a very low priority. Unresponsive candidates are considered to be dog unfriendly.

Grant Nordman


Super Dog Friendly

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Dwight Hildebrandt


Dog Unfriendly

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Geoff Borden


Dog Unfriendly

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  • Don Woodstock

    October 12, 2014, pm31 7:36 PM

    As a City Councillor Candidate for the St. Charles Ward and a dog lover, my apologies to the Windog Group for not replying to your survey. In my life, I am blessed with a wonderful woman, 2 special children and a great little bichon, Scouty.

    Scouty is nine and unfortunately, has some issues. He was blinded by Diabetes 2 years ago and has to have 2 shots of insulin a day. We affectionately refer to him as our $10,000 bionic dog as it probably is very close to that in medical bills so far. He had a liver problem which now has cleared up. Have bladder stones which we were told were inherent in little dogs. Scout is a very sociable dog who loves every dog and everyone. He is a constant loyal companion to our family. We love him! Many pets have been in our family from birds, hamsters, gerbils, cats, rabbits and dogs. It’s been a lot of fun!

    Our family is in complete agreement for Dog Parks. We enjoy these areas as much as Scouty does, meeting new neighbours and dog-friends. Animals are more than just pets – we know that, and as such we need to make our community as free and diverse to all as possible. If Windog, the elected councillor and the community work together to formulate plans and strategies there would be a tremendous benefit to all.

    It would be my pleasure to work on issues as they relate to all of our loved ones and bring about meaningful change to Crestview, Westwood and St. Charles as I have done in the past for our city.

    (Please see pictures of Scouty on my pamphlet and my website.)

    Yours truly, “A Very Dog Friendly Candidate”

    If Blessed with your vote I will not let you down.

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