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Riplees Ranch with Bar

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Riplees Ranch high quality pet food provides the necessary nutritional needs for all breeds of dogs and cats. Our pet food will improve your pet’s coat, defend against skin allergies, aid in digestive disorders and maintain a proper balance to keep healthy weight. We have a full life-stage feeding program.

Riplees Ranch carries grain-free dog and cat food.

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  • lenore

    February 15, 2016, pm29 12:15 PM

    i would like to comment on the cbc article on feb.15,2016. i had never heard of windog until just now. i have called and sent emails to my area representitives and recieved nothing but comments about the city is not in the business of developing dog parks. that rep. is no longer in office but his replacement is not helpful either. the loss of the dog parks has been a big concern for me as i live on the west side of the city. pretty soon we will have nothing. charleswood closing, burkvale too small but beautiful, can t get to little mountain park with out packing a lunch now with all the changes to the road ways, and sturgeon and silver closed temporarily and now will need to be fenced for the safety of everyone. it is very sad for our dogs and owners as it puts everyone in a bad place. where do the dogs get exercise legally and safely.

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