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Oct 2014

Dog Friendly Candidates List

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Final rankings for Oct 22, 2014 election

Ranked by electoral race and then by dog friendliness score.


Brian Bowman                 Super Dog Friendly
David Sanders                  Dog Friendly

Charleswood – Tuxedo

Luc Lewandoski              Dog Friendly
Evan Duncan                    Dog Friendly
Kevin Nichols                   Dog Friendly
Marty Morantz                 Dog Friendly

Daniel McIntyre

Keith Bellamy                   Dog Friendly

Elmwood – East Kildonan

Paul Quaye                         Dog Friendly

North Kildonan

Jeff Browaty                      Super Dog Friendly
Andrew Podolecki           Dog Friendly

Old Kildonan

Devi Sharma                      Dog Friendly

River Heights – Fort Garry

John Orlikow                     Dog Friendly

St. Boniface

Matt Allard                         Dog Friendly
Ryan Davies                       Dog Friendly

St. Charles

Grant Nordman                Super Dog Friendly

St. James – Brooklands

Stefan Jonasson               Dog Friendly

St. Vital

Brian Mayes                       Dog Friendly
Steven Hennessey            Dog Friendly


George Baars-Wilhelm   Dog Friendly
Russ Wyatt                          Dog Friendly
Ray Ulasy                             Dog Friendly

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